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David Brady

David Brady Productions came into existence in February of 1979 while David Brady was a graduate student in Communications at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia. In addition to his undergraduate and graduate work at Simon Fraser, David also holds a MFA in Screenwriting from York University. David was a partner in Mercury Pictures and President of Gateways Studios in Vancouver during the 1980s, as well founder & president of Deer Park Communications, and one of the founding partners of Red Apple Entertainment in Toronto.

Initially operating out of Vancouver, he then went on to spend eight years producing movies out of Los Angeles and New York. David executive produced and produced four successful feature films, The Grey Fox, Till Death Do Us Part, Dixie Lanes and more recently executive produced You Wish with Alan Sacks for The Disney Channel.  During this period, the companies he was associated with earned two Golden Globe Nominations (Best Foreign Picture and Best Actor, The Grey Fox), seven Genie Awards, and international recognition for their artistic and commercial successes.

In 1987, David moved back to Canada and his old hometown of Toronto. His focus shifted away from features to television series - both dramatic and documentary. Since that time David has written, produced and directed roughly one hundred, half-hours of scripted comedy/dramas, and over 60 award-winning primetime documentary/docudrama television episodes, with a host of domestic and international broadcasters. 

David Brady Productions' current production slate includes Super Volcano (a documentary being produced for CBC DocZone that focuses on the super volcano that lies underneath Yellowstone National Park), Supernatural Investigator: Reincarnation (an investigation into the evidence for reincarnation), and I Prophesy: The Future Revealed: Nostradamus (an exploration into the infamous prophet's prediction of a potential earthquake on the West Coast of North America in the near future).

Some of his most recent productions include last years CBC Doc Zone The Gangster Next Door that was the second highest rated episode for 2011/12 and winner of the Gold Camera Award for Best Current Affairs Documentary Television Program at the U.S. International Film and Video Festival), as well as the critically-acclaimed three-part series, Yonge Street: Toronto Rock & Roll Stories (winner of the Gemini for Best Sound, the Silver Screen Award for Best History Documentary Television Program at the U.S. International Film and Video Festival, and a Certificate of Merit from the Chicago International Film Festival).  David Brady Productions also produced CBC’s second highest-rated documentary in 2007-08) the international award winning The Pagan Christ,  The Pagan Christ garnered the covers of the Toronto Star TV Week as well as all The TV Times covers across Canada. It has also won the US Film and Video's Gold Camera Award, the Chris Award, beating an average of over one thousand other productions. The press was universally positive on this production.

2010 saw David produce the follow up to the 2008 critical and commercial success of The Pagan Christ with Unmasking The Pagan Christ. In addition, The Sky's the Limit, which played in November 2008 on CBC also received universal recognition for its treatment of the future of aviation.

2006-2007 saw David Brady Productions produce Extreme Beats for APTN. Shot in Canada and Australia this riveting three-hour special examined the trials and victories of aboriginal policing on two communities - where the temperatures varied from minus 20 C to plus 40C.

In 2004-05, David Brady Productions' production of Around The World With Tippi, for Discovery Channel's worldwide shot in Africa, Australia, and Canada, was nominated for the prestigious Rockie Award for best family/children's program at the Banff Festival.

David returned to movies in 2003 as one of the executive producers for the Disney Channel movie You Wish, with his old friend and associate from Los Angeles, Alan Sacks. The movie was nominated in July of 2003 for the prestigious Humanitis Award.

Prior to that, David's production of Counter Force, produced for History Canada, TLC, and Channel Two Tel Ad Israel, won the Gold Special Jury Award at Houston, placed 2nd at The New York Festival, 3rd at Chicago, and won the Chris Award - beating out an average of one thousand other productions worldwide for these honors. Working closely with many of the world's leading police forces including the NYPD, this series highlighted the work being done to prevent terrorism from spreading even further than it has, but oddly, and eerily foreshadowed the attack on the World Trade Center.

In addition to his writing and producing, David also enjoys teaching and motivational speaking. He was on the faculties of both York University and Ryerson University, where he was the recipient of the CESAR teaching award.